This Sunday sees the penultimate week of the PGO Black Ops 2 League. You want details for it? Then keep reading!

Date: Sunday 2oth January 2013

Time: 21:00

Round 1: One in The Chamber

The aim of the game is to eliminate the opposition but be warned you only have 1 bullet in your gun and three lives.

Map: Plaza

Round 2: Domination

The return of a team game this week (with the added feature of auto-assigned teams). Players must capture and hold three different locations on the map over two rounds, each of which will last five minutes. The preset classes will only be available to use.

Map: Standoff

Round 3: Knife Dodgeball

Players will be armed with a throwing knife and that is all.

Map: Hijack

Round 4: Hardcore Round

It’s time for the hardcore league match. Players are armed with the usual preset classes only this time the game is played under the hardcore rules.

Map: Slums

There you have it – the details for this weeks Call of Duty Black Ops 2 League. If you want to take part them simply tweet @PGOClan, leave a comment below or head on over to our forum thread!


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