Reading the title of this article some of you will immediately know what I am about to discuss. For those that are not aware however, Derek Millborrow is a fictional referee on the popular EA franchise, FIFA. This article is written to try and expose the truth about one of the most biased referees in the game today!

Derek has been part of the refereeing community since FIFA 2011 and has since been causing misery to many players with his controversial decisions. His style of refereeing is not one which you often see in English football, with clear, good challenges being given as fouls and often resulting in a card. You are probably thinking that I am being far too dramatic and that I have taken a FIFA rage session to the next level. However, I am not alone when I talk about Mr. Millborrow’s decisions in games – a quick Google search of his name is enough to show the hatred there is out there for the man. There are several Facebook pages dedicated to Derek however none are flattering. A page of which myself and a few friends have all liked, along with over 16,000 other Facebook users, is that of  ”Referee Derek Millborrow off FIFA 11 is a cheating w**ker“. There are more extreme groups out there as well which seem to issue death threats to the referee including “F**k Osama Bin Laden I want Derek Millborrow dead“.

You want some evidence of Derek Millborrow’s poor decisions? There are several clips on YouTube with people venting there anger at Derek and perhaps one of the most clear examples of Derek ruining a game with a poor decision can be seen in the clip below…

As can be seen above, a straight red card was brandished to John Terry (although let’s be fair to the man this isn’t a bad thing) for a relatively soft challenge. Sure, I can see that the challenge could be seen as foul, albeit a soft one, however myself and several friends can not see why a red card would be handed out. Below I have quoted some people’s thoughts on Derek from various different forums:-

I was playing career mode, with Liverpool FC. I’m not a player that moans every time I get tackled, but the last 4 games I played where Derek Milborrow was the referee, I got sent off for a standing tackle in my own half, in front of the player. And he was giving free kicks where you don’t even know why?? But all other referees are fine. It just seems to be him.” – iDaNnY M x from EA Forums

I agree Milborrow can suck it. Got on a nice breakaway onto goal the other night, only to have their CB run up and slide through me, injuring my player. No call, didn’t even matter that I had the ball knocked ahead of me, meaning there was 100% no chance he got ball because it was 2 feet ahead of me. After my anger resolved were down the other end, and my CDM comes in I hit L2 to jockey, he runs into me so I just lightly tackle the ball through his feet. Yellow card. Free kick, they score.” – MasamuneXIII from gamesfaqs forum

These two quotes alone give you the sense of how this man is ruining people’s lives on FIFA. There has even been calls that the referee is receiving backhands from certain managers. This article was written to make awareness of the referee and hopefully EA realise they need to address this referee and perhaps remove him from the next instalment - we want more refs like Hayden Pennyfeather!





NB: This article was written with the attempt to give you a chuckle. I do have to admit that I dislike it when Derek is my referee and only have I once ever hit my friend with the controller because of a poor decision.


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